Business Catalyst Migrations

Adobe is closing Business Catalyst, and your website needs to be migrated as soon as possible.

The thought of being forced to move your website from Adobe’s Business Catalyst may make your blood pressure rise, but Adobe has announced they are shutting down the service and it’s essential to have a migration plan in place.

Adobe has stopped allowing new sites to be built on the system and it will end hosting for existing sites soon. In the meantime, no new features will be added and support will be limited. They’ve also already turned off some features of the system.

Not to mention that it doesn’t make any sense to spend a penny upgrading or a website built on a system that is going to be shut down.

It may seem like there’s lots of time to make a decision about migration before the system closes, but the time will go by quickly. You need to create a solid migration plan to ensure you’ve got everything moved and working perfectly well before the deadline.

No one is happy about Adobe’s decision, and I know you have better things to do than plan a website migration, learn how to manage a new system, and switch from one service provider to another.

We can help!

It’s vital that your company has a fully-functional, beautiful site. Agency 3.0 has an in-depth understanding of Adobe Business Catalyst and WordPress and has already completed over 100 migrations.

We’ve developed a clear process that helps us guarantee every project is a 100% hassle-free success.

Getting Started

Your dedicated project manager will complete a detailed review of your current website and create a development plan for your migration.

100% Hassle Free

Agency 3.0 will handle every detail of your migration and we won’t require any of your time. You’ll receive status updates at the key project milestones.

Launch & Monitor

Upon completion, we’ll schedule a time to review your new website and gather feedback. We’ll manage every aspect of your site launch so you can focus on your business.

Maybe you’re asking, what’s next?

And the short answer to that is to book a FREE, zero-obligation, migration assessment call.

We will review your current website and answer any migration questions you might have. Agency 3.0 offers several migration packages, and during our call, we’ll review all of your options and help you choose the package that is right for your business.

Acting now means you’re getting expert advice on the best way to migrate your website – FOR FREE. With nothing to lose, you’ll discover a hassle-free way to migrate your site from Business Catalyst and on to a more flexible and robust system that will help you achieve your business goals.

Go on, book your free call today.

Download Our Free Migration Guide

We’ve assembled this free ebook full of hints and tips to help you plan a successful business catalyst migration.